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About Us

When our daughter, Kara, was diagnosed with cancer, our world fell apart. In a matter of a few hours, our lives went from calm to chaos. Our faith in God helped us emotionally, and our creation of a medical organizer helped us with the practical matters.

Kara's book went with us everywhere - to each doctor's appointment, hospital stay, and out-of-town trips. Everything that pertained to her health and well-being was contained within the binder. It represented all of our efforts to cure her of her disease.

As painful as our experiences are, we all learn from them. We learned to treasure each day and to value more highly the gift God has given us in our children. We also learned that keeping medical records gave us a measure of control over this dreaded disease. Kara's book made us a participant, not an observer, in the efforts to regain her health.

It is our desire to see this book serve you in the same way that it served us. When it does, Kara's memory will live on.

Best wishes,
Charlotte Hawkins

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What is the Patient's Pal?

The Patient's Pal is a complete system for organizing all medical information and expense records in a readily-accessible manner.

Book The book is contained in a 3-ring binder, consisting of easy-to-follow directions and comprehensive charts that can be customized to suit your individual needs.
Easy to navigate tab system
Ten tabs easily divide the notebook into areas to report Hospital and Doctor Visits, Prescriptions, Medical Bills, Insurance Reports, helping you keep all information easy to access.

Pages can be easily added or removed to fit the patient's needs.

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Who needs The Patient's Pal?

Those who...

  • Desire to keep health records on family members
  • Receive frequent medical care for any type of illness
  • Wish to keep track of medical expenses including bills and insurance reports
  • Need help remembering doctor's appointments and medical instructions
  • Need a gift for friends with medical issues
  • Travel frequently and are under the care of more than one doctor

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Why should I use a Patient's Pal?

The Patient's Pal...

  • Provides an opportunity to be involved and more in control over uncontrollable health issues
  • Helps you become an active partner in the battle for you or your child's recovery
  • Provides doctors and nurses with critical information about the patient
  • Provides an accurate ledger of bills and payments, reducing the risk errors
  • Keeps track of information that is easily forgotten during stressful times
  • Stores all written orders and informational data received from health care professionals
  • Supplies a central location for emergency care instructions
  • Helps you have a positive element to focus on during times when spirits are typically low

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Karing's Butterfly

The butterfly adds much beauty to our world and shows us the wonder of God's creation. Like the butterfly, our cancer children touch our world with their beauty and our lives with their love and courage. Karing is lovingly dedicated to bringing help, hope, and encouragement to these children and their families.

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Comments about the Patient's Pal

"While the Karing Book can be used in any medical setting or health-care situation, we've found it to be the ideal organizer for many of our patients at MSTI."

Mountain States Tumor Institute, Boise, ID

"The Karing Book has been put together with a great deal of pride and love. My compliments are extended to you… who participated in the development of this book."

Ronald McDonald House of NW Ohio

"Your gift, The Karing Book, was the single most important and lasting item we received during our daughter's fight against leukemia."

Sally, Illinois

"I want to let you know what a help the Karing Book has been to me since my daughter became ill. I use it all the time. I keep a journal of what goes on each day. I record gifts and thank you notes, but especially, I use it in keeping track of the many bills both from hospitals and doctors. Thank you so much for taking the time to put something together that is such a great help to others."

Nancy, Utah

"The use of the Karing Book helps to reduce anxiety and confusion while increasing confidence and awareness. This should contribute measurably to a better experience in treatment."

Dr. Bonnie Vestal, Pediatric Oncologist

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Contacting Us

P.O. Box 187
Tygh Valley, OR 97063

1-800-9KARING     (1-800-952-7464)


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